Overlapping UV's in Infiltrator demo assets

Hi all, When building the VIS_ArtDemo_City map from the Infiltrator demo I’m getting a lot (654 to be precise) overlapping UV errors and warnings.

Some values are 3.4% overlap … but there are also some assets that are at 50% overlap (like the male statue)

I was wondering - since this is an official package for us to learn from - if this is common practice to take overlapping UV errors and warnings for granted, as long as they don’t present a problem (artefacts and what not) in the final image ?

If not : is there a way to fix this within UE ?

Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 14.09.59.png

A lot of those tech demo type projects, like Infiltrator and the Kite demo, are made under tight deadlines and are designed to be a short cinematic tech demo, they aren’t designed to be best practices for approaching a game, take them with a grain of salt.

For dynamic objects, it is acceptable to have overlapping UV in both 1st UV and 2nd UV. Overlapping UV in 1st channel sometimes give you better texture resolution. For dynamic scene where you don’t bake lighting, you don’t need 2nd UV at all. Sometimes you don’t have enough time to unfold all assets so having some overlapping UV assets in UNNOTICEABLE places as long as they are UNNOTICEABLE. This may save your time but you have to make your own choice depending on your goal and schedule.

Sounds plausible. Thank you both for the responses.