Overlapping UV Map, Light Build failed


I came across this error which I know has been seen before, however, I have done the unique UV maps etc and the map is all inside the guidelines. My question is why is it still throwing errors?



-have you created a proper lightmap? ->
The auto generated lightmap is not so good, that’s why you still get an error -> especially when you use complex meshes. So the best way is to create your lightmaps in your 3d program :slight_smile:

Thanks for the fantastic/prompt reply. I will look into it, I use 3DS Max and am assuming similar capabilities are possible in it.

Yeah, quite possible. Just select UV channel 2 in UVW Unwrap modifier and prepare your UV’s. Then select lightmap coorddinate index 1 in UE4. (Coordinate index 1 in Max > 0 in UE4, 2 in Max > 1 in UE4, etc.)