Overlapping Box Reflection Captures Solution?

I’ve seen many questions about overlapping box reflection capture issues. But non actually have a solution and just mention theirs no way around it. But i cant imagine that to be true. As to how do AAA games game get away with this?

For instance, scenes are not just deprived to a single room but many adjoining rooms and hallways. Box reflection works very well on the flat walls and floor etc. But once it reaches another adjoining room/box reflection. We have an issue.

I’ve linked a image for an example with a very reflective floor and some windows.
Is there really a solution to this or do we really have to accept some faults with our build?


Ok so adding a Planar reflection seems to do an excellent job. Keeping your box reflection captures also help keep any errors away that might not be facing the same direction as the Planar. But a good question is how people avoided the issue before, as Planar reflections have only just been available in the new updates.

This is working so far but ill keep working on it, if anything comes up i’ll add it here .In the meantime if anyone has any other solution without using a planar reflection let me know. Thanks.