Overlap surface highlight material?

I have very little experience with materials and shaders so this may not even be possible but I thought I’d post here for some advice.
Basically I would like a material that causes the mesh it is attached to to highlight the areas it overlaps with other meshes, kinda like a decal I suppose. The static mesh itself would be invisible until it starts intersecting with other meshes at which point the surfaces that are being overlapped would be highlighted.
I’ve made a small mockup below of what I’m looking for, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Well if you don’t know about instanced materials, I would start there:
I’m pretty sure this situation requires them. I could be wrong though!

Now as far as using those parameters with blueprints + in-game events you’ll have to get help from some of the more seasoned vets here.

This might be necroposting, but I’m interested in something like what Fred.Horgan asked.

I’ve done something similar with mesh distance fields, but I’d like to know if it could be done with dynamic objects (not static, not baked MDF) and only when some actors overlap, not everything in the level. I’ve thought about the onhit/onbeginoverlap events, but I don’t think those give the needed data (overlapping part of a mesh) or even something to use as a foundation (like an array of contact points, to take into account as the contact surface).

Any ideas? C++ or Blueprint is fine. Thank you.