Overlap event or collision with particles.

I am trying to get some overlap or collision events to trigger when a particle overlaps or collide. I am literally trying to get any reaction at all, except from the event generator in the emitter.

In blueprint A I have 2 components:
one Cube (box collision) with collision “overlap all dynamic” (object type world dynamic)
and one static mesh cube with the default engine box mesh with collision “block all dynamic” (object type world dynamic).
Both have an “On component begin overlap” event.
They are placed side by side.

In blueprint B I have a particle system
with the “on component begin overlap” and an “on particle collide” event.
The particle system uses the default particle, cpu sprites, with an actor collision added with the following properties
Max collision: 1-5000
collision types: world dynamic, world static, pawn physicsbody
Ignore trigger volumes unchecked
Collide only if visible unchecked
Max collision distance: 20 000

I just can’t get any overlap events to trigger. But the particles are stopping when they collide with the mesh and trigger box.
But It should be possible to have overlap events with cpu particles, right?
What about GPU particles?