Overlap Event get overlap location?

Is there a way to get a location from overlap begin event (like event hit does).
Maybe there is a way to get hit and overlap event at the same time or getting a hit event without blocking each other.

I’m trying to create a physics contraint at the hit/overlap location on a character (skeletal mesh controlled by a kinect).

Did you find this out? I have similar issue.

Sadly no :confused:

How can it be calculated?

I think the idea behind overlaps is that they are cheap, so they don’t need to do any collision checks. You could of course always calculate it yourself. However, if you don’y wanna go that far, would it be possible to use collision filtering and have 1 object which collides with the same shape as the object which just overlaps. It will be a nasty setup, but definitely not impossible.

Check this article on collision filtering: Collision Filtering - Unreal Engine

Depends on what you have. If for example you have a sphere colliding with a box, you can google for Sphere Box collision. You push the location vector back using the inverse velocity direction of the actor multiplied with the distance towards the edge of the collision.

I’m very late to the Party, but I just had the same problem. My Solution was to just shoot a line trace in the direction of the overlapping actor and use the hit result of the line trace.


For complex actor geometry, the actual point of collision could be wildly different from the trace connecting the two actor locations. If you consider just 2 cubes which collide at, say, their corners. The collision point would be very different from a collision along the line between the cubes’ respective origins, as the origins are (likely) not near the cube corners.

Other Actor’s location doesn’t work?

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