Overkill PC for a Vive?

Hey there, I work for a University as a 3d generalist and we’re looking to get a PC to develop Vive experiences. It’s been a while since I’ve looked at hardware and wondering if this is overkill (keeping in mind I also render 3d animations via Blender which loves SLi and Nvidia cards and we’ll be doing some photogrammetry).



Thanks in advance.

i’m not a pc hardware tech guy, but 4500 bucks for a computer that can just run VR apps and dev. don’t you have a PC somwhere of which you can already test out what you need?

The 4k monitor is good but be prepared to have a large table for it (95 cm depth minimum) or you’ll break your neck since it’s so large and not curved.

4500$ for this PC is too much. Much easier to just choose the parts and let a big PC vendor assemble it for you.

As 1080 costs about 650$ this PC could easily be in the 3500$ area while having much better parts (8 core and 64gb RAM and 1tb ssd plus the almost best highest clocked 1080).

See here, I put it together really fast, so don’t take it for granted, just be aware that this can be much cheaper.

I think I would easily fit into 2500$ if I didn’t include huge SSD, 8 core and 64 gbs.