Overdraw and Performance

I have a simple dust particle playing and spawning at 20 and under the shader complexity it’s white.

When I place it in my test level it looks like the level is culling the particle (reducing it) to maintain frame rate.

The material on the particle is very basic, a simple SubUV texture that is additive.

On UDK 3 the performance was WAY better as I could generally spawn 30 to 50 on this type of particle with no real performance hit.

I’ve tried reducing the spawn count to 5 which takes care of the issue, but of course the effect looks horrible at that rate.

Any tips?

Nothing? Anyone have any idea why this is happening?

Try posting more information, How about a picture of the particle? or maybe a picture of your scene?

Any detail is helpful, but its hard to tell what the problem could be with your info, be sure to leave your spec as well, that may be part and parcel,

Bear in mind it does run DX11 out the box, unlike UDK on DX9

There is a ratio option like filling rate on the actual emitter which tells the editor how many to draw max count. If the particles go above that count then the engine will stop rendering anything above that. ofc and someone correct me if i’m wrong this ratio depends on the users PC.

Try disabling from the actual emitter the draw max count or turn it to 0. Tell us if it’s sorted.

Dude i,m having the EXACT same problem.

I would make very simple SubUV textures with low instructions (kinda too low for a next gen engine) and our testers would lag to oblivion while these fx play a bunch of times or when they overlap. No lag at distance so its definitely overdraw.

I asked on the aswerhub of you are keen to hopefully get feedback:

Lets hope we get a solution!