Overdosed - A Trip To Hell

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Overdosed is a fast paced, adrenaline fuelled trip to remember! In this top down shooter the player is on an intense experimental form of L.S.D and as a result they must fight hordes of nightmarish creatures in randomly generated and arena style levels. Overdosed is a trip to remember with exciting fast paced gameplay, a colourful assortment of weapons and gadgets and roguelike mechanics.

What’s planned for the final game?

3 Themes
Industrial (featured in the demo) is just 1 of 3 themes that will be present in the final game, each one will have its own aesthetic and enemy types.

Roguelike gamemode
In this mode the objective is to progress through 5 randomly generated levels (every level harder than the last) and fight a boss enemy at the end to complete it. Unlike the arena mode the player will not start with the torch. Throughout the levels the player must find weapons/gadgets/health/ammo and the torch. There will be certain rooms that are pitch black and requires the torch to progress. Enemies will spawn at random locations so the gameplay will consist of a mixture of combat and exploration to find supplies. Also the player will find that some doors are locked. These doors can be unlocked with a key that the player can find in the level. Behind these locked doors will be some sort of reward (possibly a new weapon).

Each theme will have its own roguelike set of levels.

Dynamic Arenas
In each arena level there will be some sort of dynamic event which will affect the player and enemies. These events can either help and/or hinder the player in some way and will change the dynamic of the level, forcing the player to change up their tactics.

Additional player characters
Featuring player customisation!

Featuring the Facility Arena where you face hordes of giant spiders and nightmarish creatures all wanting to devour your sanity and rip you apart, but with a full arsenal of weapons and gadgets you have the power to destroy anything dumb enough who thinks they’re getting a free meal!

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Feel free to post here.
Also tell us how long you can survive for on HARD difficulty :cool:

Updated OP with the demo trailer. Gives you a better idea of what you’re getting in the demo.

Please report any bugs or suggestions in this thread. As a 1 man developer I always need some fresh ideas every now and then :slight_smile:

Niiiiiice - been following development for a while, looking good! :slight_smile:

If I may, can I ask how you did the attached the flashlight to the character and made it work with the topdown cam?
Looks cool, by the way! :slight_smile:

Thanks Chance!

It’s simply a light attatched to the character mesh in the components tab.

Wave 19 is the record to beat (on hard). If anyone does better and posts a screenshot I’ll give you a cookie! And not a normal cookie, one of those giant ones with chocolate chips :stuck_out_tongue:


Aside from that I’ll have to have a little break from development while I focus on other things. When I’m back messing around in Unreal I will start prototyping a random level generator. It will probably be a mess at first but it should be fun anyway :slight_smile:

Just played the demo-> it’s awesome! :smiley:

Will it come to iOS?

PC only for now. I also hope to get it on Mac and consoles.
iOS/Android is still a possibility after release, but of course the controls and graphics will need to be reworked.

Will follow the developement :slight_smile:

Update #16 - Now we’re in business!

We released the pre-release demo a couple of weeks ago which shows off the games core mechanics and graphics style, and we’ve had mostly positive feedback on it which is great! I can’t say a massive amount of feedback but that wasn’t really the purpose of the demo. We wanted to announce the game with a little trailer and a demo so gamers will see us as a developer who are getting things done and making progress rather than going on about promises. With so many indie games getting made it’s becoming hard to stand out from the crowd. We hope that Overdosed can achieve this with the fast paced and frantic gameplay, although the roguelike mode should exchange a bit of the intensity for suspense and I am really looking forward to spicing up the gameplay! But right now I’m taking a break from development to focus on our business plan and the NEA submission date is this Friday so that’s my primary focus now. Trying to forecast sales and things are tough because this industry is so dynamic, got to keep things realistic and I’ll leave the big figures in my dreams for now. We’ll see how good Overdosed turns out and also how well we do marketing first but I’m very confident that this game will get things off the ground for Lazy Games. A few stats on the demo: To date, this link has received 75 clicks and on IndieDB 89 clicks. So I can’t say the exact number of downloads but I’m happy with those stats. Also we got on the community spotlight bit on this week’s Unreal Engine livestream, check us out: Republic Sniper by MartianCraft | Developer Interview | Unreal Engine - YouTube

After I hand this business plan in I’ll be off on holiday for a week doing a bit of skiing which should be a laugh! So provided I get my overconfident self back in one piece the show will go on at the end of feb.

Update #17 - Introducing…

In Adventure Mode the player must progress through 5 randomly generated levels (each level harder than the last) and fight a boss enemy at the end to complete it. Production on this mode will begin after our kickstarter campaign (more on that soon) and will be the main mode of Overdosed. Every level will be different each time you play with a random generation system, unlike the Arena mode you must hunt for weapons/health/ammo which will be very limited but will be jumped by enemies who will come at you when you least expect it. There will be no camping however as you must find the level exit to progress in a dark, progressively more dangerous labyrinth. I will stress though, the above image shows a prototype so it may not be exactly like that when the level generator is in place.

In other news we are working on our kickstarter page and getting ready to launch out campaign because hey, costs aren’t going to cover themselves! But it will give YOU a chance to not only pre-order a copy of Overdosed but get exclusive items and rewards including closed beta access, T-shirts and more! Anyways I’m fully back from my holiday break so there should be more regular updates in the coming weeks :slight_smile:


Update #18 - Kickstarter campaign, possibly next week!

The past few weeks has been completely focused on making our kickstarter page look nice and professional, as well as making sure it holds all the info and stuff you need as a consumer to make an informed purchase. We’ve now got all the content that needs to be there, the next bit is probably the hard bit…

Getting YOU GUYS to pledge on one of the reward tiers! We really hope Overdosed is the kind of game you want to pick up on Steam or whatever (and don’t forget, what we’ve shown is a tiny bit of the game). Hitting our target of £3000 is SO important to develop the game to a high standard and make our ambitions a reality, but we’re confident we’ll do it J

If you’re reading this then you must be somewhat interested right? Use the hashtag #OverdosedGame on twitter and just tweet about stuff, maybe how bad you are at the alpha demo but that’s up to you!

Watch this space for when we kick off the kickstarter campaign…

Here’s a sneak peek of our main page

Take a look at our kickstarter campaign!

It isn’t live yet (hopefully will be on friday) but yeah, this is just me saying it’s coming! Even if it isn’t you cup of tea there is a £1 option which lets you put your own doodle in the game :cool:
Getting early backers is key so I will be massively grateful for anyone to be an ‘early bird’ backer to sort of kickstart the kickstarter.

Don’t forget, the way it works is - no money goes anywhere until the funding goal is reached so it’s pretty safe :slight_smile:

Our greenlight campaign is underway to get Overdosed onto Steam!
If you’ve got a steam account (who feckin hasn’t) then hit the link below and hit the ‘Yes’ button to vote. That’s it. Seriously. The more votes we have, the more likely we will get on Steam. FREAKIN STEAM!


Update on our kickstarter:
Our campaign will be a bit delayed due to the bank taking the **** setting up our account. It will definitely be coming in the next few weeks but we’ll be sure to post updates when it’s good to go.

Also I’d do an update on adventure mode, but… er… lets just say there’s more work to be done.

Update #19 - Adventure mode is underway!

Hey everyone, I’ve started work on adventure mode which will be randomly generated levels where each time you play it will be a completely different level. I would have showed it off earlier but up until now it was just a bunch of messy algorithms. As you can see in the GIF below I have random corridor generation which branches and sprawls out in every direction, but don’t worry the end product probably won’t look as confusing/daunting to navigate through… probably. The next step will be to add big rooms and have them join up nicely. Once it all works properly on 2D tiles like it is now then I will convert them into proper 3D rooms.

The gameplay will be a bit more complex than simply running through a maze though. There will be certain pathways which are blocked by locked doors or are maybe just pitch black. You will need to find keys and light sources to progress. You may also stumble across objective rooms where you must defend a generator from attacking mobs otherwise the whole level will descend into darkness!

More info and progress will follow as it happens.

Update #20 - Ramble on random level generation

Hey everyone, rather than do a big write up on how things are going with the game (we are lazy after all) I’ve done a video showing off a few things and talking about how I’ve done said things. Apologies in advance if none of it makes a lick of sense :stuck_out_tongue:

Update 25th April

Hello all! I wish I could get around to doing these updates more often but as you might imagine, creating a random level generation algorithm (that actually works properly) takes a lot of time and focus. I’ve managed to do some pretty sweet things though! I have some paths loop round to each other while maintaining the integrity of my game design ideas (basically sections behind a locked door are still only reachable though the locked door).

I have the main tile generation stuff done, the next step will be replacing all the whittle tile rooms to actual rooms. You can see above I have already have basic corridor tiles which have replaced the white ones. I plan for each tile to spawn in different objects so it doesn’t look repetitive. Collectable items such as weapons/health/ammo will be hidden (hopefully quite well) and will blend into the scenery. It will be very different to Arena; pickups won’t be glowing and obvious. in Adventure you’ve really got to scour the level for these things.

Below are a few images showing how the generation system does what it does.

It all branches out from the start room, one tile after another. Each tile has about a 90% chance of being a corridor, else it’s a random room. Corridors are more likely to be a straight piece rather than a corner or 3-way piece giggity. Once there are X amount of rooms in the level, it then caps everything off with the small red rooms.

So after all that, each tile piece looks around them to see if they run adjacent to any other sections, if so there is a chance they will connect to them (creating potential for looping - there would be more than 1 path to get from A to B). The blacked out areas show a section that will be blocked off at the end by a locked door. This section can keep itself nice and separate.

The next step is to replace all these tiles with actual rooms and corridors, and of-course to make it look sexy as ****. It’s all WIP (work in progress) so changes will be made to this generation system and I will be able to show off more visual stuff soon.

Our Kickstarter is LIVE TODAY!

](Overdosed - A Trip to Hell by Lazy Games Studio Ltd — Kickstarter)

Have a gander at the rewards and pledge on which best suits you.
You can even pledge just £1 which allows you to put some permanent graffiti of your own design in the game!

It ain’t gonna be easy to get 3 big ones in the space of a month so please help us out and pledge what you can and share it with friends + whatnot.

Thank you in advance!