Over 2,000 Motion Captured Animations For Free

I found this website through some Google searching. All the files have to be converted into fbx though. Each animation comes with a video of it in .avi format.


Link to the download is now empty

@TROPICALRECON someone in community converted them into fbx and made downloadable project

Yup @karma4jake did convert them already! Link to original thread:

i looked through these all and honestly couldnt find anything useful… the mocap actors looked like they werent even trying

They didn’t animate the hands/fingers, there were no hand bones in the source data. I may go back and re-retarget these though because the method I used to retarget wasn’t the best way. It introduced more jitters somehow, something with it not interpolating some of the bone rotations or something. Also I tried to convert them in-place but the source data has no root bone either, so that turned out janky as well. I will post an update if I am able to improve them but it will still require manual cleanup as far as making them loop properly and everything…

I went through these when we were talking on the original thread. The work you did was great. The issue is only people dont know what the characters are supposed to be doing without the index. So one loop was someone hanging a picture, and if you dont see that description then it’s kind of lost in translation. This was also done in mocap infancy and there is a lot of twitching. There is also these which were also done in mid 2000’s and are in trc format. So I could only open them in max, and I have no idea how to retarget them to bones. If we can. Major issue is time, and tbh it should be shared as a community project to go through and smooth the jitter, and label the animations. Most of these animations take so long to clean up it’s faster just to make one from scratch.
There was like 500 walk/jump cycles if im not mistaken. It would be useful to have a library of some of them, but not at the cost of 100’s of hours of jitter smoothing. I have no problem donating time to help if we can get multiple people to pitch in, but 1-2 people smoothing and labeling 2000 animations is a very long task.