Output report for 3D Model and Orthomosaic


As I’ve noticed from the report exported from Reality Capture, there is no section mentioned about the number of 3D point clouds, in contrast, the report offers the number of triangles and vertices instead.

Is the number of vertices the same as the number of 3D Point Cloud?

How can I know the cloud density per cubic metre?

Your assistance is highly appreciated!

Not sure if I understand this completely. Do you want information about the number of point clouds or points in a point cloud? Are we talking about the sparse (alignment) or dense point cloud (mesh)?

It is possible to adjust the reports to your needs:

I would like to know the number of dens point cloud, and the point cloud density, if available.

So I can personalise my own report template to make the report provide what I need. Am I correct?

The number of dense point clouds is the same as the number of model parts. You can check how many parts your model has in the 1Ds view when you expand your model there. You can even see the number of points there, and if you select your model, you can see the overall number of points in that model:


You can edit your own report, but we don’t have a value for the point cloud density.

Are you suggesting that the number of dense point clouds is to the number of mesh triangles?

No, I am telling you that the number of dense point clouds corresponds to the number of mesh parts and that you can also check the number of triangles.

We are using depth maps, so mesh is created automatically with the dense point cloud.