Output Log Keeps Generating SteamVR 108 Error

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After I stop playing a project using ‘VR Preview,’ SteamVR ends up having a compositor error (Error 108) which then makes UE4 continuously output this same error message to the Log. During play there is no error/issue with the compositor and the error message does not constantly get outputted to the log, this only happens after you stop using VR Preview.

It doesn’t affect the project in any way, shape, or form (doesn’t cause crashes as far as I know) but the fact it keeps outputting to the Log after Play is annoying due to the fact that getting debug info is already hard enough with VR, doesn’t need to be any harder. I am using the SteamVR October 25th Beta update however which I’m still not sure if that could be what is causing this issue.

SteamVR October 25th Changelog: Steam :: SteamVR :: SteamVR Beta Updated (1477423729)

Repro Steps

  1. Start SteamVR
  2. Start and Play the project using ‘VR Preview’
  3. Stop Playing the project (I’m using the default ESC keyboard key, not doing anything fancy)


  • SteamVR/UE4 Screenshot
  • SteamVR System Report // [Link: SteamVR System Report][2]

I found some information on the error 108. I have provided it below. Could you take a look at the information and let me know if this works for you?

For error 108:

One possible solution may be reinstalling the headset’s firmware. Unplug the headset’s USB and power cable from the link box (should be orange cables). Then while holding the button on the left-side of the headset down, plug the USB and power cable back into the link box while the button is still held down. Once they are plugged in, release the button on the side of the headset which should activate the firmware installation (if not then try again, this may take more than one try).

Good news!

For whatever reason I still get the 108 error within SteamVR BUT what you suggested fixed the Output Log issue. I guess I am good to go now :smiley: