Outlining only specific Meshes

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I recently added a basic outline with post-processing when the player hovers an object with the mouse. This is working as intended.
First step is highlighting while hovering and the second step is keeping the outline after clicking (selecting) the StaticMesh (in the game) and not highlighting different meshes while one is selected.

As an example: In the StarterContent Level I only want to highlight and select the Boxes, but not the Floor and the Wall.

If I do the Tracing in the Controller every Mesh (Floor, Walls, Furniture) will be highlighted, which I do not want:

But it would be no problem to set a specific mesh as “selected” and keep the highlight.

On the other hand, if I convert the Mesh in a Blueprint and do the magic there, everything works fine for highlighting. But I cannot find a solution to let the player “select” a specific mesh while not highlighting another.
(In my BP: If I think correct I would need the “IsClicked” Boolean from every clickable mesh to be passed in every other BP to get checked. Does not seem to be legit :D.)

If anybody has an idea how to use the outline only on specific Meshes, I would be thankful.