Outliner effect - problems & misunderstanding

Hello and thank you for reading! Please be advised that I have already read/followed Tom Looman’s and michalorzelek’s guides/tuts on this very subject… but I am not connecting the dots and dont make sense of how to produce an outline effect. I’ve searched and tried for the past 2 days with a very crappy outcome that is problematic and isnt what the tutorials show.

So here’s where i sit: I have masked out the custom depth models i have placed in my scene and applied a yellow emissive to them - SUCCESS. Now i wish to cull the interiors of them and have just an outline - which i understand is done by texture space of the objects - but thats just it… i cant get this to go. Below are the websites i’ve visited and tried their tutorials and cannot get this reproduced in my project. Also included are shots of the material & the current effect i have on these guys.

All help is greatly appreciated!

sites visited/followed:

For a simple outline effect check out this material setup:

This is solved with another effect that uses the same technicalalities. See the following for support:

Thanks for the lead! Looks like a great effect i’ll definitely bookmark & use!!


YOU ARE THE MAN! This works perfect with a few adjustments/additions to support more post-processing blends. <3 thank you!!