Outline Shadows?

Hey everyone,

So I’m currently in my eight hour of trying to get this to work. I’m trying to create a post process that will add an outline around shadows, specifically the change between light and dark in a scene. However, nothing I seem to do works. Has anyone achieved this or no how to do this? Or willing to have a crack at it themselves?

I’m building a cinematic project witch a style somewhat similar to Sable (made in Unity) but outlining shadows in Unreal seems to be a totally different beast.

Above shows the effect I’m looking for (outlines around shadows).
As a note, I have a Cel-Shade PP Material and a standard outline PP Material on my PostProcess Volume currently.


Edit: I have looked at and it is not a mass post process effect which is what I was looking for.

I’m also trying to figure out this since I’m trying to achieve a similar effect as well.

Hopefully someone might be able to shed some light on this - also the forward renderer breaks a lot of the cel shade and outline post process effects so I know for sure I don’t want to use it. There has to be a way to make shadows have outlines in Unreal… right?

Before on going more deep on this, did you watch these videos ? (there was an interruption in the first and goes the remain in the second):

They are not showing the outline in the shadows, but they do show how to get the scene without the shadows, so… pretty much you can developed from that idea! The whole thing will work on deferred and not in the forward renderer.

I managed to figure it out thanks to this and this. I ended up writing a bunch of new materials too to change shadow colours cast onto them and then an outline post-process that outlines everything by comparing scenecolour which allows for the light and dark parts of the scene (such as shadows) to receive the outlines.

Here’s a few images of the effect working:

Any chance I could see a copy of the material graph?

I followed everything on (linked my Epic Account to GitHub) and made a few tweaks and changes for some of my own PP effects I layered on top but the PP Material screenshot is on there too. Super helpful guy who made it all too.

Ahk, just wondering if you needed the engine modifications as well

Hi, I’m working on the same shader. Feel like it’s going somewhere but I now need to add outlines for the shadows.
Excuse the ratty mesh in there.


I’m not familiar with github, or the process that’s required to impliment engine modifications. Could you tell me if this is possible
in a post process material, along the lines of the cel/outline shaders, or does it require engine mod?


AHHH, I saw posting date of 08-10-2018 and being English thought “great, only three days ago!”. Oh well…

Hey! Trying to outline my shadows as well, but sadly the git seems to be gone. Does anyone have a copy of what was on that git or have a git of their own with the modification?