Outbreak Online (Looking for Talent!!!)

Project Title:
Outbreak Online

A Massively Multiplayer Zombie Survival MMO.

Planned Features:

  • 128 Square Kilometer map
  • Procederally-generated missions
  • Integrated Clan and Group System
  • Proximity Voice chat and chat options available for vehicles
  • Support for hundreds if not potentially thousands of players on the same map
  • Fully seamless world with no loading zones
  • Persistant Player Housing (open to attack by zombie hordes)
  • Zombie Hordes
  • Wildlife with Zombified Animals
  • Player Vehicles with detailed damage model (individual tires can be blown off by gunfire for example)
  • Skill System (no levels here!) where almost every activity in the game is rewarded with XP, from crafting to combat to bandaging another player.
  • SpatialOS Support (this one is a maybe this early in development)

Team Name:

Forager Studios (the names not finalized yet, sorry if you think it sucks)

Team Structure**:**

  • Executive Producer/Designer

  • Creative /QA

Previous Work:

Before we decided to make a game, Dustin and I (John) were in the modding scenes of several games. Dustin was heavily involved for years in the SOCOM community working on many mods and eventually becoming a tester on H: Hour. Dustin also has been a modder in the ARMA community and with games like DayZ. I have been working on modding since the days of Warcraft 3. I also used to help one of my WoW guildmates run his MUD (multi-user dungeon) and script questing algorithms with him and talk about it.

Lead Designer (1):

  • Leading the design of products, concepts, graphical user interfaces, graphic designs and interaction patterns
  • Ability to coordinate a team
  • Comfortable iterating on ideas using rapid prototyping techniques
  • 4+ years of Experience designing games

Designer (3):

  • Expertise using Unreal Engine 4 to include level layouts and Blueprint scripting
  • Play a key role in the visual design and user flow of new products and features
  • Working closely with development teams to deliver and deploy final products/services

Technical Director (1):

  • Coding things from scratch as needed, rather than relying exclusively on high-level technology stacks
  • 5+ years coding in C++ Required
  • Knowledge of the Unreal 4 pipelines and framework
  • Previous experience with pipeline tools on an engine, core, or platform
  • Deep experience with low level optimizations and tool chains for at least one platform
  • Fundamental understanding of all aspects of game engine development: 3D, sound, physics, AI, networking, multi- threading, UI and tools, with a passion for learning
  • At least one, two preferred, shipped games

Software Engineer (4):

  • Solid understanding of asynchronous programming techniques and pitfalls
  • Familiarity with a host of game engineering technologies including (but not all): Rendering, physics, memory management, AI, gameplay systems, game audio systems, optimization techniques, tools development, debugging techniques, localization, user-interface, animation systems, multithreading development and debugging, databases, client-server systems, networking, as well as 3rd party tools and technologies.
  • Ability to analyze game designer requests and iterate with designers to deliver implementations that are fun and engaging while still being robust and performant.
  • Be able to analyze and optimize tools, pipelines, and processes

Lead Gameplay Programmer (1):

  • Work side by side with designers, artists, and engineers, to design, implement, and iterate game systems (e.g. combat, AI, quests, items, etc.)
  • Work with server and client side implementations.
  • Hands on experience implementing game systems for server based multiplayer games
  • Experience working with large code bases
  • Experience building data driven game systems
  • Experience with networked game logic

Gameplay Programmer (4):

  • Proficiency with C++ and experience in object-oriented design and implementation
  • Experience architecting and/or implementing A.I., character control, path finding, multiplayer, or other gameplay-related systems
  • Experience with scripting languages (Perl, Python, Lua, Ruby) and managed languages (C#, Java) and/or assembler (Optional)
  • Unreal Engine 4 Experience (2+ Years minimum)

Art Director (1):

  • A strong eye for artistic quality with an ability to critically but respectfully dissect work and suggest ways to improve it
  • Knowledge of game engine technology and art-related middleware solutions
  • 5+ years overall experience and 3+ years running an art team that has shipped multiple titles
  • High level of proficiency with any of the following game development tools including: 3ds Max, or Maya (preferred)
  • Ability to manage large art pipelines

Concept Artist (2):

  • Work with design and art development teams on the visual development of gameplay, characters and creatures.
  • Work with environment art development teams to support props, environment and game atmosphere.
  • Create and maintain a cohesive look and feel for the game through development of the visual language, the creation of visual style guides, and supporting visual development
  • Collaborate with the design team to build a visual narrative

Character Artist (3):

  • Create high resolution photo realistic 3D sculpts of organic/hard surface characters/creatures/weapons/props.
  • Ensure consistency and quality of own work.
  • Collaborate with concept artists and art direction to create high quality characters and creatures
  • Re-purposing and modifying existing art assets to create compelling and engaging content.

Senior Environment Artist (1):

  • Work with the Project Art Director and concept team to define the map vision
  • Collaborate daily with Design to ensure that Art reinforces gameplay
  • Prioritize, delegate and direct a team of 3-5 artists in the creation and implementation of environment art assets
  • Author and direct the creation “gold standard” environment assets including materials, props, architecture, flora, terrain, and light schemes
  • Expert at improvising visual direction when lacking a specific concept or design

Environment Artist (4):

  • Experience with creating game ready assets, taking them through modeling, texturing, baking pipeline, and rendering to engine.
  • Proficiency in Maya and/or 3ds Max.
  • Able to work from photo reference or concept art when available, as well as, ability to interpret design intention, pushing it further as needed.
  • Texture using both procedurally and hand painted techniques using a PBR workflow

All positions shown here are paid. They include a monthly salary determined at the time of employment. They are all full-time positions.


My name is Igor and I’m 32 years old professional freelance 3D artist and looking for work. Skills and abilities: Highpoly, lowpoly modeling, UV, baking normal map, PBR texturing. I can make weapons, props, modular environment building and elements,architecture and so on. I have basic skill with Unreal Engine 4 and Unity.

My web portfolio http://igorrogov.com/
I can do some environment staff, pops weapons and so on for you.
See you PM here is more my work

Hello there, my name is Dalton

I am a 3D artist, I have a wide range of skillet in the art, my strong points are environments and weapons, BUT i can also do characters to an extent.

My skills are the following, High Poly to Low poly backing. Uv unwrapping. PBR texturing, and painted texturing.
I also have basic knowledge in Rigging and key frame animation. Also weight painting.
Below is my portfolio.


Hey guys what’s the best way to reach you so we can set up a time to chat? Email? Discord? I’ll also send over a PM- definitely interested in hear more!

Hi!My name is , me and my team can help with the project.We are experience game developers,3d artists, and art guys. me in Skype : max.,so we can take an conversation.

Hello, My name is sandeep and i have been inde developer for 7+ years with experience in using unity and unreal engine. I can apply for position of designer. My expertise include level design,blueprint programming, C#, Multiplayer, UI programming, Game optimization for mobile and webgl.
You can reach me on Skype: sandeep-mohan10

Hi, my name is Stefan Geerinckx and I’m a freelance technical artist with multiple skills. I’ve been a hobbyist game developer for over 8 years, and the last 2 years I worked on royalty projects.

My arsenal of skills include:

  • UE4 blueprint programming
  • Game UI design (and implementation with blueprint scripting)
  • Game Design
  • Environment & Props modelling
  • Web design & development
  • QA Testing

You can find more explanation of my skills and work examples on my portfolio website at http://www.stefan-geerinckx.be

If you have any more questions, or you think I have some skills that interest you please contact me through my portfolio’s contact form!

Hope to hear from u soon!

Best regards,

Stefan Geerinckx

Hello! My name is Chris Miranda and I’m an Environmental Artist looking for work in the industry. I’ve been an artist for roughly six years and counting (roughly four years of learning the software/s and dabbling, two years taking it seriously and working in studios). Like Stellarbe, all my previous projects are royalty so this would be a very exciting position to have.


  • Experience using Substance Painter, working with tile-able textures and individual prop textures.
  • Six years experience in Blender. Including asset creation on the smaller scale (tools, weapons, props) to bigger scale (houses, environments).
  • Four years experience in Unreal Engine, mainly on the art side of things.
  • Roughly eight years Photoshop experience. Able to easily combine workflows between Photoshop and substance to create unique textures for any given asset.

Portfolio: ArtStation - Christopher Miranda

Really hoping to hear back from you, this would be an amazing opportunity!

Discord: chris0matic#2880

Email: hauntedmadness@yahoo.com

Hi, my name is Hugh and I am interested in you Lead Environment Position. I have been working in the industry for 7 years and I feel I could be a great addition to your team. I have specifically been working in Unreal Engine 4 since they released.

I look forward to speaking with you more about your project and how I can add to your team!

Hey, My name is Drew and I’m interested in either the Level Design or Environment Art team.

  • I’ve got 6+ years of game dev experience, 2+ as a level designer / environment artist in Unreal.
  • Competent in creating and optimizing large-scale 4km2 maps using World Machine and Unreal.
  • Very comfortable with Blueprints, Material Editor, and Lighting in Unreal.
  • Strong understanding of environment art and level design workflows/software including Maya, Zbrush, Quixel etc.

Looking forward to hearing more about this project and if I might be a good fit for the team!

Drew Fletcher
Level / Environment Artist

Hello, my name is Jarrad and I believe I’m what you’re looking for as a Technical Director - though I’d like to work VERY closely with whoever becomes your Lead Designer. I myself am a hybrid between the two. I’m profusely skilled in C++ programming (~8 years) and I’ve been working with Unreal Engine 4 since the moment it became free for use. I’m experienced with pipeline systems on an extensive list of Valve games, as well as Grand Theft Auto - not to mention Unreal Engine 4. Though I do not have any shipped games at this very moment, I have been developing my own social VR platform game since I started utilizing Unreal. My game is to be released VERY soon - a hybrid between Garry’s Mod and Second Life. My game has required me to learn Unreal Engine 4’s pipeline tools like the back of my own hand. I’ve experimented with UE4’s physics, AI, multi-threading, blueprint/c++ UI, sound and 3d mesh rendering - and I learn more every day. One of the things I really enjoy is making this game engine do what the average person believes it cannot!

Contact me on this forum.

im interested

Hi Forager Studios,

My name is and I am interested in applying for the Environment Artist position.
My personal website: www.alexmartina.com
Artstation: www.artstation.com/alexmartina

Dont know if there is still openings but feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Send us an email to xbl.black.fang@gmail.com is you think we might be right for the job. https://www.linkedin.com/company/18577975/


My names Sebastian and Im a concept artist. I tend to focus on creature and character design. I would love to be a part of the project if there is any room for me.
Here is a link to my portfolio: ArtStation - Pop Sebastian. I have my email address on artstation. Looking foreword to hear from you.

Kind regards,
Sebastian pop

Do you have an email that we can use for contact? thanks

Hi there. Im doin 3D modelling. I can make pretty much anything - characters, models, small props, e.t.c. Here is my portfolio: https://www.artstation.com/

Im also making animations, here is an example:

I can blueprint as well. Im making blueprints for my models myself, setting up materials, e.t.c. Here is an example:

So if you if you need somwone like me please pm me on Discord: .


Hi I’d be interested in working with you guys as an Art director or environment artist, I have been working in the industry for just under 3 years now working on a variety of projects and areas. I currently freelance fulltime and manage art teams for software development partner of mine. I’ve worked with a variety of new pipelines in the industry and would be definitely interested in working with you guys.
here is a link to some of my professional work:

I have also been featured in my local paper and magazines:

my email is [EMAIL=“bryce@bryceszandro.com”]bryce@bryceszandro.com
If you’d be interested in some more work samples as well as going over what I’m currently doing and what I’m working on presently.

I hope to work with you guys,

Kind Regards,

Bryce Szandro

Hey there,

My name is Christopher Bandura. I am interested in your Lead Designer/Designer roles. I have enough free time alongside my university education to consider full time positions.

So far I have 2 years of proper game dev experience being trained by industry veterans that have a minimal of 10 years of industry experience, and whilst in university I learn daily through project based learning.

I specialize in the following:

  • General design
  • UI/UX design
  • Production (Scrum master/Agile planning)
  • Team management
  • Technical design (Unreal blueprints)

How to contact me:
Email: Christopherbandoro@gmail.com
Discord: Bandoro#6357
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christopherbandura/

I would love to hear from you to set up an interview of some sort so you can properly test my skills in the above subjects and get to know me as a person.

2d artist here https://buxuart.carbonmade.com/