Out of Memory Problem PLEASE HELP!


I’m new on here, I keep having a problem and I’m getting really annoyed because I can’t figure it out.

I keep designing a level but a warning sign keeps coming up in the middle of my design, it says out of memory please save your work. I try to save my work and it just closes and everything I have done gets erased.
So what I did was upgrade my Graphics card and my Power Supply but I still have the same problem.

Here are my specs:

AMD A6-5400K APU with Radeon™HD Graphics 3.60 GHZ
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti
CX 750W Power Supply

What is wrong with my computer? Please let me know if you need anymore information. I feel like it’s more than enough to design levels. Please help I’ve been frustrated for days now!!

It tells you that you’re out of memory, so you need more memory (RAM) 8GB is not enough for your project.

Make sure that you close every program that you dont need so that you save some more MB of RAM -> e.g I also just have 8gb and when I run the UE4 it nearly needs all the RAM that I have (7,5 GB) :slight_smile:

Seriously? 8GB isn’t enough, I didn’t even finish a room. How is 8GB not able to finish a room? What would 16GB get me 2 rooms?

Also it says out of video memory. I guess I will get more RAM

Two rooms doesn’t require two Unreal Engine running + Windows and what ever other softwares you have. Check your RAM usage without UE, then with UE running without your project. That should give you an indication of how much you might need. Making a game and playing a game is completely different, 8 GB might be sufficient enough for most games but when developing you really should get more.

RAM won’t help your video memory. Which version of 750 TI do you have?

You have to try really hard to run out of even 512MB video memory. Are you sure you are using the 750TI and not the APU’s Radeon?

Hi I’m using NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti

I ran DxDiag and it says I’m running my 750TI. Not going to lie though I didn’t notice a difference between my Radeon and when I installed this $150 TI. (I kinda felt like I payed $150 for nothing) how can I know for sure? I installed all their drivers from their website.

That makes sense, are you developing? If so how much are you using?

UE4 needs a lot of RAM, my 16GB are enough if I use only one project, but as soon as I have opened 2 projects for example to migrate stuff and have chrome running in the background, my 16GB are full and windows sometimes freezes for a few seconds, everything is laggy etc. So I really need to upgrade to 32GB in the next weeks/months, 16GB is just not enough.

Regarding VRAM, I have 2GB and GPUZ tells me they are constantly full while using UE4. So I guess 2GB VRAM is also not enough…

I will upgrade the RAM, but your telling me 2GB of VRAM isn’t enough either? Geez this is becoming a huge project. How much can I get out of 2GB of VRAM can I at least complete one project?

By the way thank you all for the help

I don’t know how much the 2GB of VRAM is limiting me, I just know it’s constantly full. But I can use UE4 without any obvious problems regarding the VRAM so I think 2GB should be enough to complete a project if you don’t care about everything being fully smooth in the editor :slight_smile:

I’m able to open and work on this project with a 512MB GTS 250 using a 1080p monitor and that scene has a ton of 4-2K textures and poly count of the meshes arent well optimized. I only run out of video memory if i have chrome in the background with a bunch of tabs and youtube running. So, if you are running out of 2GB there are a couple of possiblities:

  • Something crazy is going on in that room you are making.
  • You have multiple screens and keeping the GPU busy in some way.
  • It is using the Radeon regardless of what GPUZ tells you.

The last two still wouldnt let you run out of video memory easily while working on a reasonable level though.

I don’t have anything else opened, this is getting me really frustrated because I can’t figure out the problem. I’ve added a floor, walls, and a door with no materials added. I will check again tonight.

Also with the graphics card I have now the quality of shapes don’t have a clean finish. Like for example if I have a box. It’s not a perfect box, it’s not smooth on the edges is that normal?

Are you already using 4.9? I read that there are some memory leaks in 4.9, so you should probably use 4.8.

Is Engine Scalability set to Epic? And can you post a screenshot please?

Do you see how the boxes are not smooth? How do I put my Engine Scalability to Epic? Thanks in advance.

How do I get 4.8? Thanks!