OSVR for UE4

I read that at CES they announced that the OSVR developer kit will be released this year. The article said it will be compatible with UE4, but I have not seen anyone talking about it yet.
Anyone else looking into this?

I am looking forward to the OSVR :smiley:

We’re supporting Razer and their partners who are developing the actual integration with the system. So, it’s coming! :slight_smile:

Great! Now with Oculus, GearVR, OSVR, Unreal really is a good choice for VR development.
BTW, how about Google Cardboard? Will Unreal 4 support it?

I am currently an Oculus Rift developer, so if I can develop a product on UE4 that has multiple VR platforms I could port it too, makes it more viable financially.

Has anyone tried this headset?

Hi, here you can find the source code of the OSVR plugin for Unreal Engine 4: GitHub - OSVR/OSVR-Unreal: OSVR plugin for Unreal Engine

If you have any question, let me know.

It states it works with UE4.6. Has anyone tested it against UE4.8? I’m looking for a solution to get motion tracker data into the engine. I’ll look into it, but since I’m more artist than programmer, I’ll probably have a hard time understanding what I’ll need to to. So help is very appreciated!

EDIT: There’s a 4.8 Branch here: GitHub - OSVR/OSVR-Unreal at ue4_8 I still need to figure out what to do with it.

They are working on the 4.8 branch just in these days.

Anyone got OSVR working yet in Unreal?

Has there been any other progress on this front? I notice there’s an OSVR plugin for UE4 on Github, but it’s only available for UE 4.6.x.

I’d be interested to learn if OSVR will be supported inherently in the latest binary version of the engine, similar to how Oculus Rift is supported.

Is somebody working on OSVR support??? Maybe Epic?
Will there be UE4 support when the OSVR is out end of this month?

The OSVR plugin has been updated to work with each engine version through 4.9. As the description says in each branch though the plugin is in its preliminary state so there is support but it might be a bit buggy. When you’re on the plugin’s GitHub master branch page make sure to click the ‘branch’ button as the screenshot shows and select the correct engine version (4.6-4.9 is available).

Plugin’s Main Github Page (master branch): GitHub - OSVR/OSVR-Unreal: OSVR plugin for Unreal Engine
4.8 Plugin Update (4.8 branch): GitHub - OSVR/OSVR-Unreal at ue4_8
4.9 Plugin Update (4.9 branch): GitHub - OSVR/OSVR-Unreal at ue4_9

For modifying and creating your own plugins definitely check out these UE4 Documentation links: