Osm lat long to ue4 game xyz coordinates

so im importing osm map in to unreal using this plugin link text[PLUGIN] OpenStreetMap importer - Game Development - Unreal Engine Forums
is there any way to find xyz coordinates for particular area in osm map using lat n long .

Once you’ve imported the landscape into UE, you need to know it’s XY size in UE values.

You already know the lat and long regions you’ve imported, so you can map that to the X and Y range in UE. ( IE, half way along your imported region is still half way along in UE ).

Now you have the XY point, you can do a line trace from above the landscape downwards at that point. This will give you the Z.

thanks for replying,can u explain or show some formulas to do this for xy ,i got the z part though

Apparently, this tells you how to get the landscape size in BP, I have not tested it:

However, maybe you’re only importing once, so you can calculate it manually.

In any event, after doing this, you know the lat/lon range you imported and the size in X/Y of the landscape. This means you can calculate for a given lat/lon the X/Y position on the landscape.

You just work out what % the point you want is along the external axis and make your X ( or Y ) the same % along the UE axis.

Do you get it? :slight_smile: