OSC to send data to Oculus Quest when running game (from Quest)

Hi all!

I’m encountering the issue of not being able to receive real-time data (via OSC/UDP) when running a game (from the Quest). I have tried looking at the Quest IP/port and sending the real-time data to this, accordingly. However, it does not work.

Has anyone had any experience or luck in doing this? I can’t be the only one!..

Many thanks.

Unreal Engine Version: 4.23
Software sending data to UE4: Max 8
Plugin used within UE4: OSC (monseur gustav).

Not a full answer just some suggestions for now…

Is Monseur Gustav’s plugin updated/working in 4.23 yet? Might be worth verifying; last version on git seems to say 4.21. 4.23 has new beta internal OSC classes now, though I haven’t seen them working yet.