OSC Blueprint

Hello everyone,

I am trying to get a stream of data from Leap Motion to Touchdesigner and then output that data as OSC to use in UE4, right now I have a very basic setup in which hand position gets translated into object location in UE 4.25 . I managed to get communication setup well but I am getting a ton of crashes from this very simple setup, usually it takes less than a minute before it crashes. Does anyone know if it’s a bug with UE4’s built in OSC plugin? I’m usin version 4.25 because it’s the latest but I could probably switch to another version if needed. Also I saw that Monsieur Gustav has a custom OSC plugin, is it more reliable than the built in one?

I’m attaching a screen capture of the crash, a link to a the BP I’m using and a video of the setup.

Any and all help will be appreciated!