Orthographic camera preview render problem


Preview from orthographic camera shows different picture than ingame. Highlighted shape is the same building.



My issue is discussed also [here][3] and [here][4], but without solution.

I need to set depth of field on orthographic camera. So realtime preview from orthographic camera is very essential.
Is there any way how to change parameters of orthographic camera and see result in realtime?

Thank you.

In older version of engine user was able to “Lock viewport to Actor”. There is possible to set camera options with ease.
Mainly there is option to set View mode to Lit from Wireframe.
Lock viewport to Actor is removed in 4.8 right ?

Hey hubacek.jakub,

The orthographic preview issue is known and reported, but has not received any updates lately.

As for the ‘Lock Viewport to Actor’ this feature was removed as it was causing known issues.

As an orthographic camera you cannot establish a depth of field. This is only usable in perspective view as it provides the users with depth of field perspective, whereas orthographic view mode is a flat projected view mode. This goes against the definition of orthographic in itself.

Let me know if you have further questions.

Thank you,