Orthographic Camera frustum is rendered in wrong size

I am using SceneCaptureComponent2D with orthographic projection. I set OrthoWidth to 5000 but when I check the Camera frustum in level, it is a box of size 5000 x 3760 (top-down view) and it should be 5000 x 5000. When I try to render something to a square texture (1024 x 1024) I can see everything in range 5000 x 5000 units in level, even if some Actors are clearly outside of the rendered frustum box.

You can check this in following picutres, where the red spheres are placed in the corners of blue 5000 x 5000 plane. They are rendered perfectly in the corners of the texture even if they are outside of the Camera frustum.

So the rendering process works but the debug frustum box has a wrong size which may be confusing. Is there any chance we could repair this?