Orient world map, or pawn origin, to tracker location and rotation

I’m trying to use a tracker mounted to a real world chair to calibrate / snap a whole scene to align a virtual version of the exact same chair along with the scene around it. I’m using blueprints in 4.13. My ideal would be to reset the world coordinates and axis using the tracker position and rotation.

Any suggestions on how to implement this?

I been able to:
Get tracked device position and rotation
Move motion controller pawn to new location using the tracked device position and rotation.

I would assume that calling Reset Orientation and Position would achieve exactly that. The only extra input you may have to define is the Yaw angle that aligns your forward view with the real world facing orientation of the chair. Did you already try that?


Check out “Set (AR) Alignment Transform” Handheld AR template 4.19. World alignment. - UE4 AnswerHub