Orient emitter to bone socket

Hi, I’m pretty new to unreal and I just finished following the tutorial on setting up 3rd Person blueprints: https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Videos/PLZlv_N0_O1ga0IoRrpI4xkX4qmCrhGu56/clWHpTtgTOw/index.html

I wanted to expand on that, but I came to a pretty quick halt when I tried to get a particle to emit along the x-axis of the socket, triggered using the notify in persona.

The character punch animation plays and a notify is sent to a particle system, which emits a single mesh particle, in this case a sphere, and the way I understand it, the emitter should be oriented to the socket so that the x axis should be pointed away from the character at this point in the animation. However what happens is that the emitter always emits down the world x axis, regardless of what direction the character is facing.

Can anyone help me understand what I’ve done wrong?


If it is a sphere, why do even need to orient it in xyz? Let it just emit the particles in all directions

It’s a stand in object until I get it working. It seems that I have set it up correctly based on all the documentation I can find, yet it still only emits in world-x. I tried local space, no joy. I thought ‘Orient Mesh Emitter’ in Bone Socket Location would do this, but it doesn’t. I also tried initial rotation module “inherit parent rotation” also no joy. I would like the emitter to emit in a velocity vector based on the socket orientation and I’m asking how do I do that.