Organ N Arms - A Very Brutal RPG

Organs N Arms - A Very Brutal RPG, it’s entirely randomly generated game made by a single person. Everything is randomly generated either at the start of the game or dynamically spawned. From Quests, NPC’s, Dungeons, Armament, Puzzles, Effects and Materials !

Your bones are rigid, your organs are not. Fighting hordes of skeletons and harvesting the humans ! Team up or go it alone, one thing is for sure, protecting thy squishy parts is a must. Swords and stones will break your bones, but bone-meal will bind them back! Organs are soft and fleshy, they burn, tear, bleed and hemorrhage. Once you lose your them everything is over, how long can you last ?

lol…Nice concept. :smiley: Can’t wait to see more!

idea looks awesome, love it. How are you handling the random generation?

The visual of a skeli wearing a helmet is hilarious in a good way :smiley:

Very good! But helmet on his head reminded me skyrim. :wink:

I think is a really unique idea. It would be hilarious if your organs fell out when you are hit and then you have to go find them (or replacements) to get your health back. Keep us updated and let me know if you make a demo! :slight_smile:

Haha, actually that and the weapons/armors that are found in the effects/elemental demo. :wink: I’ve got many types of items in the works. just place holders :smiley:

Thanks mate! You are right on the money!

Bones must be destroyed first and your organs will indeed fall out! Or maybe you’ll get lucky and penetrate a slot in between the ribs with a sword and cut right through their lung, maybe you’re more into ripping hearts from chests with your bare hand?

You can even destroy limbs and make it that much easier to fight your opponent. that means you’ll have to find your arm parts and bind what you have with bonemeal

if an organ is obliterated, maybe you weren’t as careful and your stomach caught on fire. you got to harvest a brand new one from a human.

organs can be dislodged without destroying them. you’ll have to find em. watch your feet, wouldn’t want to step on your own heart.

is something i’ve been working on since the ue4 beta. so much stuff to go over but here’s a generalization

I’ve got a random level generation thread in the community tutorials forums. :wink:

Material params are used for now for all material generations, ill be switching to substances soon so it’ll be even more randomized and controllable.

effects come in a few kind of flavors mostly elemental types of effects, the material used is changed based on whatever is controlling the effect. so you could have a blue flamed torch or orange, or green, pink whatever

NPCS are made entirely by a world family tree generator, in which it creates some royal families, middle classers, peasants, then homeless, all have family trees. if you kill a king, his child will take the throne, if you murder the entire family, a new family will try and take the throne, maybe you’ll take it. :wink:

Quests are made realtime using a madlib system that have dictionaries of word types, adjs, nouns, verbs, ect.
lets say a quest is made and asks you to retrieve a golden sword of black flame, you better believe that will be a golden sword on blackened fire! or say a blue water mage needs slaying. that mage will be wearing blue, and be using water element don’t try and smack itthem with a flaming sword! it wont do much

Items are made up of individual parts, each item type has a skeleton, no mesh just a bone with sockets, so a sword for example i just attach random versions of the blade, hilt, pommel, and guard,
get the items name and generate a material based on the weapon’s name. so a sword of ice, blade might be a literal icicle, guard might be some blue steel. who knows what you’ll get.

Puzzels come in a few forms, they are harder to randomize. but im working on this.

Wow looks excellent! and the Randomization elements just make it better keep it up!

I love the direction you are going with this!

Looks very interesting! Can’t wait to see the final outcome!

Small video of simple randomized weapons.


Uploading the requested info-graph of the base character. Yes, that’s only 55 bones from being exactly the number of bones in your body as an adult.

I love the item randomization - that’s very cool. Did you set it up to select different pieces (hilt, crossguard, blade) and set a random material?

Also love the gameplay concept.

78k triangles on your skeleton, wow. Really impressive setup.

Yep but it’s far more than just that. I could have said just yes, but that really wouldn’t tell you anything.

I have a skeletal mesh for each weapon, with nothing but a tiny box skinned to all the bones that isnt texture or rendered, I then take the skeleton file and add sockets to every bone i need to have a mesh at. I then modify the physical asset ue4 creates to have no collisions on any bone except for the root bone which i add some boxes that will envelop the meshes when i attach them. All my meshes of the weapon have no collision mesh, i use the collision from the physical asset. I use a blueprint extended from aactor and a scene node as the base root for the bp, i then add in the skeletal mesh. Then i add empty static mesh slots with them attached to the appropriate socket. In the construction script i have it set to randomly select a single mesh from a static mesh array for each part, after each part is selected i set up the material params with stuff like, is it inorganic ? (metals/stones/gems/ect) is it organic ? (wood/ice/ect) choose appropriate base texture(all my base textures have the same mat params) and then i apply them.

that video was like the very first iteration of the weapon system. my current one says get a skeletal mesh from these weapon skeletons array then build them appropriately using the above ideology.

Hope that helps!

Thank you and thank you :slight_smile:

Ah very interesting! Sounds like an awesome system.

Some early screenshots of organs and arms(that’s a placeholder title too btw),
these are oldish, I’ll be grabbing video of the game relatively soon, there is much completed, but still much more to be done

I know it doesn’t look like it but you can play in third person too!

Enjoy a little video. Watch to the end for a super secret sneak peak of what the actual game will look like! :wink:
(TheKnightsOf, is the name of the game framework and is not a game, everything is subject to change. The actual game footage should be what the final game will look like)

Hi Is still being developed?

I took a bunch of time off on the project itself, but i was working on other things for the project, like, grammar systems for procedural dialogue/quests, advanced ai, better random generation for dungeons/caves/cities/buildings/castles, better models and textures, now its time to get back on track and throw it all together. :wink:


Watch from 2:50 for amazing physical dismemberment.

Great Concept

I’m especially interested how turns out (if its still a thing after all that time:D)