Option to import themes

There is currently no option to import the themes. The current theme of UE5 is very dark for my eyes and annoying but thanks for allowing me to modify I can put a lighter version, the problem that I have found is that I have to manually put the json in the engine folder… if I have multiple versions of the engine installed I have to copy and paste in the respective folders each time.

The fastest way would be to add a button next to it to import the json.

Other ways:

Jetbrains editors have multiple options to save preferences and themes.

1 - The possibility of saving the theme-preferences in a Git repository

2 - That epic games save them in the existing login accounts so each engine would have the possibility to connect and apply the theme-prefernces.

There are also things that it does not currently allow to change, such as the Unreal Engine logo for the light version.