Option Menu Kit - Easily Integrate Options !


Hey guys !

I’m here to introduce my first plugin now published on the Unreal Marketplace !

Do not forget to download the example project when you buy the asset !
Mega Links for the project to merge :
Since 4.15, blueprint example is in the Content Directory of the plugin
For any trouble it would be preferable to contact me to belot.jo@gmail.com

Marketplace link : Option Menu Kit in Code Plugins - UE Marketplace
Price : $24.99

So what’s the plugin ?

The Options Menu Kit is working with a created plugin which expose needed c++ function for the input system, sound system and config files. You can use this nodes for every purposes on your project. This kit include a main Blueprint Widget where all the settings are displayed.

What’re the main features ?

Scalability :

-Set classic scalability settings such as Resolution, Post Process, Anti Aliasing, Bloom, Motion Blur, Lens Flare, ect…
-Save each settings in config ini files and apply it on start of the game
-Quality benchmark, if no settings has been set, is launched which will set Scalability settings based upon your system configuration.

Rebinding system :

-Display and modify every input which are set in the project settings

  • Handle input conflict, remove the old existing key such CS:GO rebinding system
  • Filter inputs you don’t want to be reachable and modifiable.
  • Option to integrate a gamepad dynamically with no coding required.


  • Modify sound class volumes through sliders or mute them.
  • Save it in config file to be applied on start.

Can i see what it does in a video ?

Of course ! Here it is :

[video]- YouTube

Maybe some screenshots ?






Need of a documentation ?

Here’s the documentation : https://mega.nz/#!1V8ShQBJ!EWCIawohoE2Sw-VaI-YfFpC4Up-httylT7sCsIrIiH8

And finally there is the Marketplace Link ! :


I hope you guys will find this asset interesting and useful ! Don’t hesitate to message me for any information and to comment/review it !
Thanks you for your time !

Quick bump, do not hesitate to request any feature !

4.14 is now released !


The Option Menu Kit is now available for the 4.14 version of the Engine and now include an In-Editor settings panel which allow you to download the BPs for the correct version directly from your editor !
It also allow you to set some settings such as Gamepad Integration or Key-Binding Ignored Input, more settings will be added for the next updates !

Please send me an e-mail to belot.jo@gmail.com for any question or PM me here, if you liked the asset, don’t hesitate to rate it !

Link to the marketplace

Option Menu Kit is now with a 20% discount !

now as ue4.15 is released, when can we expect your plugin for it ?
I would like to change my project to 4.15, but without your plugin i cant …
best regards

no answer here, no answer to my email ? whats the problem ??

Can the graphs in the widget be fixed for 4.14?

Just one of the 4 warnings.
Otherwise I love it and would like to port my game from 4.13 to 4.13

Hi. I just purchased your plugin and I have some questions and/or bug reports:

  • the Option Menu Settings button does not show up after enabling the plugin … not in 4.14 nor 4.15.
  • I downloaded the 4.14 demo project clicking the link in the first post in this thread … is there a more current version specialy for 4.15 or should I use the 4.14 version and just update this to 4.15 and migrate? (I did that - just need to make sure)
  • you should make clear that certain parts of the optionsmenu (eg. resolution changes) only work in a packaged project (and not with played in editor view or standalone from editor) - this took me some time to find out … ^^


Your website is down. There is no documentation. Your links are broken.
Your plugin isn’t working as of 4.15.3
there is no button in editor window after installing plugin. There is nothing. No documentation.
Nothing on installation. Nothing.

Which one ?

I just downloaded it right now

It is working, tests are made before any update and trust me, Epic keeps an eye on it

Everything is in the BPs, in the Content directory of the plugin

There is, sorry mate, you should send an email, it would be more efficient.
Have a great day.

For any one having troubles, please send an email, i’m not often on the forums since i’m working.