Optimizing my foliage: creating two different culling settings for the same type of foliage?

So basically I would want to have close distance foliage that is dense, and far distance that is not so dense.
Now I will need to create two different static meshes (well its just a dublicate of the same), for two different foliage paints with different culling settings, because foliage painter doesnt accept 2 of the same meshes.
Is this the way it is supposed to done?

Can’t you just use LOD models for that? They switch based on screen size.

Hmm, I make my grass/foliage with Speedtree. Do you have suggestions how the LOD`s should look like? If I make the grass panels wide so that in close distance I see all and only a small spot at far distance, a large part of that grass will “float” on air when terrain is not flat.

Take a look at the grass lod’s from the kite demo asset pack :slight_smile:

Generally with foliage you want to mainly focus on decreasing the amount of transparent area to render. And after that try to get the vertex count down. With grass you can maybe remove some of the geometry at the different LOD levels (if there is enough geometry to remove without making it look ****) but what will make the most difference is switching to a billboard further away. Instead of having many layers of grass with transparency or “alpha” to render, you switch to a single one that is a picture of the whole model together. Speedtree can do that for you with it’s billboard feature, you can use the compiler to tweak it.

Aye. I will add the billboards to foliage. I have used those for trees, bushes, etc, but not for grass yet since my grass has been very low poly to begin with. But still, with dense grass fields it gets heavy. And just optimize the grass layers with better ground textures etc. I suppose. Still, the low-density/high-density foliage culling is not used in modern games?

I don’t see any reason to have two separate grasses with different culling for making it less dense further away, if anything that would most likely cost more than just having good LODS as you can’t instance the two different ones. Better would be to just lower the density of your grass in each LOD and having the last one be a single polygon that is camera facing. That way they’re much less dense without having to have two different meshes for different view distances. Also make sure to turn off shadows further away.