Optimizing for VR and minimum harwarde for Oculus

Hey forum,

I have a question. Now that the Oculus rift minimum req. are out, does any of you have experience using that particular device on lower end systems?

Besides that, I am developing a number of VR environments for video installations and virtual reality. All the environments do not have any particular scripts, there is no AI. There is only spaces people walk through and watch video textures as well as still images like in a virtual exhibition space. Not alot of foilage either.

My laptop for making this environment is a 16gb Aspire V17 nitro with I7 and the M840. So it is good enough but not a beast- using UE for primarily animation and some virtual environments, it is enough however once the “game” I make is exported and only that run on the computer. For non gamer, 24-30 FPS is def. enough as well, and I usually run 30-60 depending.

Have anyone here used Oculus on lower end systems for basic stuff? Not actual final “games”. Just environments people can move through?



For a good VR experience you need the highest resolution supported and a high framerate. For Oculus that means 2160x1080 resolution and 90FPS. Less than that and it starts to have a poor user experience. It’s likely that with a GTX 840M that your performance won’t hit that mark.

if you can really cut back on lighting, loose hdr, post processing and antialiasing, you can get reasonable perf on low end hardware. That said you are using £800 worth of hmd, probably worth investing in a small pc with a pci-e gpu to show off your work.

our dev systems are gtx 980ti, and we struggle to hit 90fps on moderate-complex scenes, without severely cutting back on number of lights. a 1080 will get you around 30-40% more perf then a gtx 980 ti. You really want at least 60, more like 90, for a good user experience. 30 is really choppy and vomit inducing. Right now I would probably wait for the vnext titan if you are doing this for work.

Hey guys!

Thanks for the feedback… For now I will export the project as a 360 video to show case, and wait to have a full immersive interactive environment.

I will wait some months and get the 1080 once it is cheaper, I think. Ill check out that card you mention as well. The vnext titan. This is for work, yes. But as mentioned, most of the work is for video export (all my work are for museums, and rarely do they buy a huge evil computer just for displaying. So I have to export for lower end interactive environments. Will prob. keep it at 360 video for now)