Optimize game for low spec computer

Is there any way to optimize a game for lower end computers?

Hi, you should look into scalability: Scalability Reference | Unreal Engine Documentation

Also you should build as much as you can: So don’t use movable lights, make them static or at least stationary and build lightning. And depending on how your level is build you might want to think about using hlods to reduce draw calls (when your draw time bottlenecks) or world composition to stream out things you can’t see (such as the interior of a cave when your outside).

Further use the foliage painter when you paint foliage that is not game relevant (such as grass as opposite to trees cause those would have collision) and enable density scaling for the foliage (so after painting it, you can scale down the density of the foliage even to complete removal).

When using trees use as few as possible and don’t use trees build for high end specs (such as the trees from kite demo) and make sure they have billboard lods (normally they have but there might be exceptions).

And some console commands to show you the performance of your game: stat unit, stat gpu, stat game. That makes it easier to find where the bottleneck of your low end pc is and where you might want to optimize further.