Optimization problem with simple game

Hi, i have optimization problem with my game. Every step needs more time to end click event.
I dont even know how to find the problem. In my opinion its not low hardware issue, because inefficiency arises with every step. It is also not a problem with the number of elements in the array. I can say more. Step by step there is fewer elements. Every meshs are created by blueprint, i have 16 macros, 17 variables (10 arrays). What you suggest to me to check? Thanks

This is how its look.

I wonder if you are perhaps unnecessarily creating new, duplicate copies off all 32 chess pieces on the board each click?

You should take screenshots of your blueprints and update your question, it’s hard to guess what it could be otherwise.

Also it’s a good idea to take some time becoming familiar with the profiling capabilities in UE4.

Hi tmek
No, trust me, i have only necessary variables. There will be somewhere around 40 screen shots, so I gave up pasting it all. I noticed that when i trying build this project building lights stops at 75% (for 3h and i don’t have more patient to wait more) and once I was curious whats gonna happens when i package project to obtain final .exe file. I was very surprised, because its works perfectly thru this .exe without lags. Should I report this bug(?) somewhere else?

And yea, thanks for this link. Now i’m on creating user video options stage, so if you have at hand more links explaining how to allow user to change his video options i will be appreciated.