Optimization - Lumen, NPC, Lightning and more

I am developing a game and thinking to put on the market.

According to Steam Hardware and Software statistics, almost 20-25% of gamers using GPU’s under RTX2060 and %92 using DirectX12

Because of economic crises and other problems in Turkey, Turkish people cannot satisfy recreation needs that is crucial for overcoming problems. In short, they mostly can’t affort to pay for entertainments enough against hard life conditions.

As a student from Turkey, I would want to develop this game as can be played by even gamers with low PC’s.

I am using UE5.2

I’ve already added FSR3 and DLSS 3.5.

I am thinking to add lumen that can be toggled in settings.

I am trying to use correct light option between Static, Stationary, and Movable options. I know the differences.

I enabled nanite for static meshes (map, buildings…)
A guy on Youtube, who claims using UE5.5 (still we are on 5.4), enabled it for skeletal meshes by setting something outside of engine.

My map is fully optimized, it giving me more than 180 fps on pure level.

I am using NPC Optimizator plugin and its settings are:

My NPCs are from City Sample Crowd pack. They are metahuman and here is my topic about its optimization.

My AI for NPCs is good enough. It basicly moves NPC to random locations that are specified before. Sometimes NPC’s decide to go player’s office, and my comparison between this AI code and AI Move to node says that they are almost same. But still only AI Move to node killing performance.

------ Engine Scalability Settings are high ------

My kit is RTX2060 Super, i5 9400F, 2x16 gb ram

Only AI move to node for 1 minute - 30 NPC (FSR and DLSS disabled):

My AI code for 1 minute - 30 NPC (FSR and DLSS disabled):

AI Code for 1 minute - 170 NPC (FSR and DLSS disabled)

NPC car code is almost done, I didn’t test performance. It will be surprise :slight_smile:

30 NPC - Generally, stats are likely to be:

MS around 15-20

170 NPC - Generally, stats are likely to be:

MS around 28-35

I am still developing and wonder:

  • How much should ms and fps be.
  • What should I do to improve performance (I am thinking to use around 120 NPCs)

I think the most fps killers are NPCs. Without any NPC I get 110 fps, but once I put it the fps decreases too much. At this topic I explained it deeper.

Thanks for your time and suggestions.