Optimization. Help. HZB

Hello everyone. Need help! (posted it on answerhub, but seems noone know ((( )
we making a VR project, and i have an issue with hzb cost. It`s ridiculously high. What can produce such issue? :frowning:

i know what HZB is a occlusion culling thing - so it`s cost can rise from objects and resolution? am i right? But in scene i have around 400-500 drawcalls with foliage, 1-1,2k poly (but polycount goes to base pass?)

and when i`m profile with third party tools, like Intel GPA kit. It shows what my hzb is 0.1 ms in total :frowning: and gpu scene time around - 5ms.

sorry for my English, i`m not a native speaker =(