Optimization / Forward Rendering / FPS

Hi all,

Looking for any and all advice on optimizing a water shader. I’m getting a drop of 40fps by simply enabling/disabling the ocean.

Forward rendering is on, it takes a bit less - 40ms vs 60ms, but my frame rate does not change at all between enabling forward rendering and disabling it.

My Ocean mesh is huge - map sized with vertices every 1m for getting the waves to come up. I have no clue if it’s occluding or not. I think I could slice and cube it up to match the lanscape tiles (i have done something similar before) but this creates issues with the wave code / I would really have to work around all of that, which I suppose I might need to anyway.

I’ll have to have another look at the ocean community project too, but

I’m getting around 27FPS when looking just at the ocean and the landscape… Don’t think it’s a good idea to leave it like this even the if the ocean shader looks really nice…

I think the issue is most definitely the large ocean mesh. Freezing Occlusion reveals that it’s all visible and all working constantly. I’ll have to re-factor the C++ to account for that and properly adapt to multiple meshes for performance sake…