Optimal value for UV padding (island margin in blender)

Hi everyone, I ran into a problem. When unwraping my mesh in blender I’m changing island margin (padding), the problem is that on different meshes padding looks different, for example on simple cube value of 0.1 looks too big, but on house mehs value of 1 looks too small. Unfortunately I realized that it depends on mesh size too late. So what value is optimal for UV padding?
P.S Sorry for my eng)

Padding is normally based on pixels and the size of texture being used.

Here are suggested amounts of edge padding to use for different size textures:

  • 256 = 2px
  • 512 = 4px
  • 1024 = 8px
  • 2048 = 16px

Edge padding - polycount

It is always a trade-off between texture space usage and the lowest mip, that starts showing off your seam. The values ZacD posted are best balanced overall.

Thank you all!