Optical navigation problem - How to solve?

Ok, I’m having an issue with object navigation, that may be a little easier to explain if you refer to my drawing in the non-rembrandt style.

This thread also attempts to explain an older thread on the parallax problem which I was unable to solve, so would really appreciate some help guys!

My game has goal locations within a circular level that I want the player to get to.

The player MUST use environmental cues such as the two stars in the image that represent two mountain landmarks in the map to get to the goal locations.

Now here’s the problem if the player starts from position 1 he sees the mid point of star one (mountain 1) and will use that as a reference point to locate the goal.

However, when the player starts from position 2 that reference point is no longer valid due to the shift in the visual perspective between the location of the goal and the mountains and so it appears that the goal is in an entirely different place, when its not moved at all.

How do I get it so that the mountains/background objects are always a fixed distance away so the player can get a better and stable visual representation of where the goal is regardless of their position in the map?

I’ve tried using a HDRI image as a background for the skysphere, but feel the skysphere is being rendered too close to the map and needs to be scaled up at to at least 6 at which point it doesnt render correctly and is made useless.

I suppose what I need is a way to render the sky infinitely far away or perhaps lock the position of the skysphere a fixed distance away from the player and not be affected by player rotation.

Dumb question maybe: But why not just use Widgets to overlay a cursor location or a compass or radar etc???
There are many free projects in ‘Community-Tools’ that do all of this for you, you just need to integrate the parts.
Why make life hard for yourself, unless there’s a strategic ‘unique-visual-aspect’ here that you’re not explaining?

No, frank, I’m probably explaining this badly, what I mean is an old ue3 style skybox that has a landscape with landmarks (like mountains) that are rendered to look very far off in the distance and their location and size doesnt change regardless of where the player is in the map or their rotation.

Do you know of content that has something like this that I can use

Do you have any ideas on how to sort this mate?