Opinions on Galaxy S8 and Pixel 2

Hello everybody,

I am planning to invest some money in a new android device for development. After the launch of the new Google Pixel 2, I was expecting it to be clearly better than Samsung Galaxy S8, since after all, it is the newest flagshit and Android is a Google brand, but there are not many diferences between both. Now that the S8 also supports Daydream, I am not sure which one is more appropiate for what I want to achieve, which is mostly archiviz with the Vulkan API, both VR and non VR, and most probably AR as well.

For what I have read, the only developer related main differences between both are:

-The screen size and resolution, which is really important, specially if you are planning to use it for VR purposes.
-The Android version, which ultimatelly affects possible additional features and performance.

Although Pixel 2 has Android 8.0 and the S8, Android 7.0, it is most likely that the S8 will upgrade to 8.0 anyway. However, the screen size and resolution is way better in the S8, which is something that cannot be changed in the Google Pixel 2.
So for now I would say that it makes more sense to spend your money in the Galaxy S8, but I am not a tech guru at all.

What do you guys think? Am I missing something?

Best regards!

Definitely Pixel 2 because Google supports their devices very long. You have guarentee that you will receive update to the next Android version what is very significant for developers. Samsung abandons support for their devices after half a year or a year…

I would also take pixel, and I also like the blackberry android dtek60. Though it doesnt have the power of the pixel, or s8. I have 2 android phones one is an alcatel vr idol 4, and one is the dtek60. If I can get something to run well in those I know it will do well on the new gen phones. I heard the nvidia blackphone tegra is one of the top performing android phones. The issue is developing for only top end as the large majority of android users dont have this power in their phones. Most are running lollipop. The only reason i know about the nvidia was they ran the elemental tech demo from ue4 on a phone. That is extremely impressive for a pocket device. When I was in china a company called meizu had 8 core phones running with 8gb ram. Xiaomi also has top end phones. The list goes on and on.

Get Galaxy S8. Not only it’s sexy as hell, it supports Gear VR, Daydream and ARCore.

Hello everybody,

Thank you for your fast responses, I appreciate it!
I didn’t know that Samsung didn’t offer support for long, such a shame… I’m not really bothered by the fact that most users won’t have the latest tech, since I want this tool for develop projects and to show them in-situ to the clients, without the need of setting up a whole Vive/Oculus experience.

For what I have read, you guys don’t think screen resolution and screen size is very important, or is not as important as the android version, is there a reason for that? To me, higher pixel density means clearer image in both VR and non VR experiences, which is a massive thing, at least in VR.

Thank you again!

Why do you listen to those people :rolleyes: I have Galaxy S6 and Samsung released Android 7.0 for it. In USA it’s up to the carriers to update their phones. So my carrier was the last one to update (nevertheless they still did). Sure Pixel 2 will have latest Android, but if you look at the stats, the entire world is still on Android 5 or 6 or even older. So running latest Android will hurt you in a way.

Not sure who would tell you that, but yes, pixel density is critical for VR. For non-VR, not really.

I will have a look at the Blackphone, thank you :slight_smile:

That is what I thought at first, but I am guessing that if S8 gets Android 8.0, it will be up to date at least for one year more, and I am assuming that I will probably have to buy another phone by then anyway.

I always buy unlocked phones, so no carriers are involved, and from my experience in a Spanish unlocked phone, it is up to the brand to update their devices.

I agree with you there, my only concern was about being able to get the latest updates related to Vulkan and VR inside UE4 but as you say, both UE4 and Vulkan are not always up to the latest android version anyway… And as far as I know, S8 is getting Oreo.
I think I will go with the S8 because apart from being cheaper, it also has a better screen and it runs in both DayDream and GearVR whereas so far, Pixel 2 only runs in DayDream.

I’ve been reading that ARCore will become available on all 7.0 “Nougat” systems soon enough, and that people have even got it working on other android devices (I’ve no idea how, some Finnish guy did it) so you might well save a load of money looking for a good 7.0 ready phone.