Opinion on market place blueprints and assets for souls like game?

Wanted to ask if anyone here has a recommended list of blueprints, assets, procedural dungeon generators, etc that can be used to make a souls like game? like stamana bar, mana bar, health, attack animations, etc. Please let me know your suggestions or anyone who might be interested in making something like this.

For example, would this be a good package to buy with the current sale? Dungeon Architect - Work in Progress - Unreal Engine Forums
or what about his? Medieval Combat Starter Kit - Marketplace - Unreal Engine Forums

Dungeon Architect is something you should pick up. The combat system you linked doesnt really seem like souls combat and it got rated kinda poor so im not sure about that (I dont have it). You might have to make your own combat system. Some recommended assets Chameleon Post Process in Blueprints - UE Marketplace is on sale and something that can be used with any game and might as well get Fantasy Dungeon in Environments - UE Marketplace its a great looking pack. Something that isnt released yet but looks like it might be worth buying for character creation Modular Medieval Warrior 01 - Assets3D - Marketplace - Unreal Engine Forums

And ofcourse check into Kubolds packs Content by Kubold - UE Marketplace he has good mocap stuff and his movement pack is on sale right now Movement Animset Pro in Animations - UE Marketplace if you wanted animations for moving around while your weapons are sheathed.

Hey, I got you covered!
Have a look: