OpenXR is not set up to be used by itself with the standard VR Blueprint Feature

It appears if you remove the SteamVR, the ‘BP_Motion Controller’ blueprint fails due to no longer having the ‘Steam VRChaperone’ Object Reference. You can remove it but, your controllers are no longer tracked and lay at 0,0,0 with all mapped inputs still working. Adding Steam VR does not add back the parent class having to use my back up, or deleting it and adding it back.

Normally this would not be a problem, but I have found Microsoft WMR OpenXR worked great in Unreal 25.3. Performing better and allowing the HP Reverb G2 to have full resolution. Also, in 4.25.3 OpenXR worked great on Oculus and WMR, but with SteamVR, ‘Post Effects’ were turned off.

Anyone else finding similar problems using OpenXR?

yes. the default VR template is currently hardwired to SteamVR which is a shame, as everything else seems to be OpenXR-ready. Gotta remove all references to the chaperone and the SteamVR api for it to compile for OpenXR.

mahazani Yes, that is what I did, but the point is to identify that the UE’s VR demo files are not OpenXR compatible, or for that matter any VR system if you don’t include the SteamVR plugin, which should not be the case.

Hello guys,

I’m pretty new to Unreal Engine, and I would like to start a new project. OpenXR seems to be the “future” api, so i’d like to use it from now on.
I’ve created a new project based on basic VR implementation, and I got the same error with the “GetBounds”, from SteamVR, not being found.

How did you guys get rid of the error?
If I remove this reference, it tells me that “Minimum Area Rectangle” needs a “In Verts” input.

Hey all - The VR Template was designed when SteamVR/OculusVR was requrired, but in 4.27 a new VR Template with full OpenXR support has been developed.

However, you should be able to delete all references that are plugin specific in the current VR Template - they’re not required for the basic functionality.

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Well, i tried, but the first reference on the motion controller blueprint is the steamVR play area size. If I remove it, I still need to provide an area size, and OpenXR does seem to provide any :frowning:
And sadly, we don’t have any new for any release date yet for 4.27 aka UE 5…

But maybe I am missing something?

in 4.27 a new VR Template with full OpenXR support has been developed

Thats fantastic news!