OpenXR Get MotionController Types / HMD Type

Hey guys.
I´m currently trying to figure out what kind of Motion Controllers / HMD the Player is using so I can adjust the shown Meshes etc.

Using OculusVR / SteamVR there were some C++ / BP Functions helping with that but for OpenXR I can´t seem to find anything useful.

Has anybody got an idea where to retrieve these information?

By the way, I´m using the UE4 4.27 Preview 2 at the moment.
As it says that with 4.27 OpenXR now is production ready I wanted to make the move there.

Hey @ArvurRobin this hasn’t been exposed in the plugin yet but will be in the future.

Here are some suggestions on what’s currently possible in 4.27:

You can use the Device Visualization feature on the MotionController components to render the correct model for the device that’s being used. As a note we’re working on exposing more functionality and features here (such as getting access to the material being used, collision, etc).

You can “break key” from an Action Input and return which Key was used (Oculus, Vive, Index, etc) and make determinations from that.

We’ve also updated Get HMD Device Name to properly return names for all OpenXR supported HMDs.