Opening unreal editor without vive?


I am a sound designer looking to integrate wwise locally for a vive game being developed. Unfortunately I do not have a vive yet. Every time I try to open the project from the local repository I get an error message:

“The following modules are missing… UE4Editor-SubEarth.dll would you like to rebuild them now?”

I click yes and then it keeps telling me the project could not be compiled, try rebuilding from source manually.

Am I getting this error because it is a vive game and I don’t have a vive? I feel I should at least be able to open the editor…


Also, can I play any of the game in the editor without the headset?

No, this just means that the game project you are trying to open up is missing or can’t find the game DLL file. It’s asking you to recompile the game project from source code, which would recreate it. If you don’t have access to the game source code, you can’t rebuild the dll. You’d either have to get the source code or get the person who has the source code to build the game, find the dll and note its path, and then send that DLL to you and then you place it in the correct spot.

If you have access to the source code and rebuilding fails and there are no errors in the code, you have to delete your “intermediate” folder in your project, generate new project files, open the solution in visual studio, then try again.