Opening the "blank" game template results in a black screen

Hi all:

I am trying UE 5.0.2 and I am completely new to the platform. All of the game templates seem to open fine except for the one that I really want to use (the blank template).

The blank template used to show as a black screen in the Unreal Project Browser under the Games section. But today it actually showed the floor/plane in the preview image (as shown in the first screenshot).

Unfortunately, the project still opens to a completely black screen. Any advice? Thank you in advance.

Oh also I am using an Intel Mac. All of the other templates open fine… it’s just this one that doesn’t work for me.

Hi there, This is normal. It is opening the default level that is untitled. Just open the level you are working on.
You may also set the default level in your project settings settings. Here is a picture.

to Open a level. Go to file / open level/ pick your level.

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Thank you Millipede Man for taking the time to answer. I followed your suggested advice, but there were no levels available. Your advice did lead me to this post here Missing level map - #4 by drummerof13 The odd thing is that I was about to start trying some of the suggestions from there but then it magically worked. I didn’t do a thing except for accidentally trying to open the project as a Blueprint project (I wanted c++). Now it opens with all of the assets that were previously not visible in the Project Settings browser.