Opening any blueprint with custom c++ parent crashes the editor in 4.15

After porting our game from 4.14 to 4.15 every time I try to do anything with a blueprint that inherits from a c++ class I made crashes the editor.

Some info on the issue:

  • Can’t open for edit any blueprint that inherits from my c++ classes (blueprints that existed prior to the port to 4.15).
  • Can’t open anything that has a reference to this blueprints (Opening Maps and Modes in project settings crashes the editor because it references my playable character blueprint)
  • My c++ classes show up in the contents window as well as visual studio project. Project compiles without errors in both the editor and visual studio.
  • I can create new blueprints that inherit from the same c++ classes and they work as they should (no crashes)
  • Not exclusive to my workspace or OS, same thing happening to a teammate working on OSX after updating the project to 4.15 locally.

This is a total showstopper as 90% of our game is composed of blueprints that inherit from c++ classes.
Crashlog is text

Hi ,

Sorry for the delayed response. We have not seen anything like what you described internally. Would it be possible to get one of the 4.14 code classes used to create a Blueprint that is giving you this issue?

Hi ,

This issue was related to an issue with blueprints referencing child animation blueprints who overload any base function. This was reported and marked as resolved for 4.16 in another bug report.

Thanks for looking at it

Hi ,

I am glad to hear that this issue was identified and resolved. Please let us know if you come across this again in 4.16.