OpenGL ES3.1 for Android doesn't work Media Framework / Media Textures with Electra Player?

This problem occurs when using electra player to broadcast hls type of cmaf.
When the media is opened using StreamSource, only the sound works and the black screen appears. It works normally on Windows, mac, and iOS other than Android. Even on Android, it is also output when the vulkan shader is applied.
Therefore, we assume that Electra Player has a problem operating in ES3.1.

Hi, In case you still having issue with HLS in android, our plugin supports HLS and DASH streaming in android and android based VR devices. I hope this can be helpful for your project.

Can I ask how you got HLS to work with Electra and Vulkan shader? I have attempted many methods of encoding and streaming via AWS but no luck getting it to work with Electra. I know the stream definitely works as I have opened it in VLC player just fine.