Open world demo very slow to load

Hey guys!

Long load times are expected when opening the overview map for the first time, the project is generating a Derived Data Cache and it takes a while when you need to do that for around 150 8k textures. After the first load it should take significantly less time!

wow my laptop is so dying:p(blackscreened at one point), it just took almost 2 hours to open 1 of the maps, and that was the small one so I am not even going to attempt to open the bigger map;)

Where do I get it from???

you get it from the “marketplace” tab of the launcher.

Took me sometime on SSD to open, maybe 25 minutes or so. once you open again it’s almost instant…

So the Kite Demo will be released in 4.8…

What’s the ETA on 4.8? :smiley:

i3, 650 GTX.

I’ll download it and see. I’ll report back in six months. :smiley:

There is no official release date, but I think in around 1-2 months :slight_smile:

lmao nice…

Could be superstition, but when you have 8k as highest LOD in your ini instead of 4k it doesn’t trash 100 TB of swap memory. Not that it would be faster without trashing.

Why does such a small piece of map take so long to load?

It’s not the map, it’s the content

Ahhh , man I need to upgrade to a titan xyz elbow edition i guess

Holy balls that quickly? That’s pretty awesome

This makes me quiver. As I have not yet opened the map, what is the FPS like on a mid/high range computer when the project is built?

The reason I ask is that my textures are being planned for 1024 (min, or max distance) -> 8k (max, or very close distance).

Anyone Can Upload The Demo In Google Drive Case My Internet Speed Is To Low To Download This Demo… Though I Can Download From Google Drive At 1 MB/S Using IDM… :stuck_out_tongue:

If the tiny overview map takes an hour for me to load it, how many months will the actual 100 by 100 square miles map take to load?

Well, the actual kite demo was using an Nvidia Titan, and ran at 30fps.

That being said, using the assets in my own project, and employing things like culling and turning off dynamic shadows for certain things (smaller/less important foliage etc) I’m getting over 100fps. I’ve got a GTX 970, and I’d say its pretty good right now at 600k+ instanced grass, flowers, boulders, and ferns, as well as some of my own trees at 20-30k poly’s each.

Sooo, community project to get these down to releasable sizes? :smiley:

phew…the showroom map does not even open on my computer…it crashes after 15min of loading. (i5 4200m, GTX760m, 4GB. Win8)

Epic Guys, you should not have made this available.
With all the excitement about the kite demo, people start to realize that they would actually need the next generation of NASA supercomputer to run it.
What kind of computer did you use to run it at the GDC? Something with the capability to drain the electricity of a small town? :smiley:
Typical marketing stuff…
Every Engine can run something like the Kite Demo if you hook it up to a 100core cpu with NVidia GTZZZZZ and 20000GB Ram.