Open world demo very slow to load

Good Morning

I tried to load Open world demo in UE4 and after an hour, I still had nothing loaded.
I then tried to load a tree in a level and after a quarter of an hour I still had nothing loaded.
I wondered if this was normal. This is the first time this happens. Yet I have a good PC: I7 4930K 32GB of ram Geforce GTX 780Ti

Thank you in advance for the answer.

I personally think it’s all the 8K textures. They have to be loaded into memory and then they are compressed. This takes a little while with 4K textures already, and it also all depends on your PC specs.

I just loaded the Overview map. Took me around 45 minutes to load it.

Win 10 Tech Preview
CPU: i7 - 4790K
GPU: GTX 980
RAM: 32 GB

Oh man, I’m glad I’m not the only one. But once it loads, its pretty amazing stuff.

Took me about 33 minutes.

CPU: i7 4930k
RAM: 32 GB

And it’s placed on an SSD.

I think it’s to be expected with this many high resolution screen shots though. It loads very quick after the first time obviously.

Yep, took me forever as well. It’s a one-time thing though.

Thanks for your answers.
I will try to load this map. Except for the Graphical Card i have almost the same config as you ryanjon2040, so i will tel tou the time it takes for me. My old test was with the showcase. And i didn’t have the patience to wait :wink:

Loading the Showcase map now…Will edit this post when its done.

Edit: Done. Took about 3 minutes. But it doesnt matter.

Cool…Waiting to see how long it takes. :slight_smile:

Shouldn’t take long as you’ve already loaded most of the textures. Only took me a few minutes once I had loaded the overview.


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Good news.
If we close the editor and reload the maps, will the time remain 45 minutes ?

Nope. It will load in seconds.

Cool !
It took me less than 1 hour. But my content is not on SSD …
I’m going to test the showcase too.

Open world? am I missing something? this is “just” some assets, and a showcase of how they are used in a small area… There is no open world.

Don’t get me wrong, the assets are AMAZING. There is just no open world for us to look at.

The open world showcase will be released with 4.8, these are just assets used within it, as some kind of sneak peak.

Yeah well, tech used for creating entire Kite demo is not in 4.7. You can check it in promoted/master branch or wait for 4.8.

Kite demo should be released around 4.8.

So yes after the first loading all is really faster.

So it’s cool ! And these assets are really fantastic !

I was wondering How long it will take to load the demo ?

Cheers :wink:

I’m wondering how big the project will be. Just a few assets is around 6 GB.

wow holy… christmas came early as hell :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, great :slight_smile:

Thanks for clearing it up.