Open Tournament Pre-Alpha

The folks at the Open Tournament got something working. Less than a month has passed, and now we have the first playable release.

Download it here ->Open Tournament - Browse Files at

You need to install VC2013 c++ redistribuitables so it loads

The whole sourcecode is uploaded, and all the assets are too, feel free to take a look or download the source files by yourself.

Current features it has:

  • Completed Weapons: Assault Rifle, Minigun, Flak Cannon are fully working
  • Partial Weapons: Rocket launcher(only primary missile), Shock Rifle(no shock combo yet)
  • Health and Death: you have health and you die and go ragdoll when it goes below 0, then you can respawn
  • Movement: Double jump, dodge, wall dodge.
  • Multiplayer: Everything here works MP completely, and comes with a VERY basic deathmatch mode

It has a few maps working, all of them still WIP, but they are cool.

Some photos of them:
Numb51’s Nightime Dek: Check the lighting work and materials.

Chonglee Daytime Dek: all materials are the same, the entire map is driven by light ONLY

Plunge map by Enos Shenk: check the jump pads

very WIP original map Plex by Numb51 too: has elevators

Our weapon meshes are the Flak cannon and the Rocket launcher meshes, we have a minigun mesh and a assault rifle mesh almost done. The weapon system doesnt support animations yet(is a new weapon system written by me specifically for this project)
In the case you want to see how the weapons work, here you have a video:

To create a server, you need commands, opening them with “`” key, the command to connect to someone is “open <serverip>”, and the command to open a map as server is “open Dek?listen” The game will automatically load Dek level as singleplayer if you only want to see how the movemnt and weapons work.

This is barely any tested, still has debug logs everywhere, will crash a enormous amount of times, and the weapons arent really balanced at all. Dont expect it to be working, this is more for betatesting in a real place environment. Also, it has no settings screen so you would need to edit the INI files to do anything.

Ill be here whole day for hotfixes, so if a really showstopper bug appears i can fix it fast and upload a fixed version. Ill open IRC soon, ill post when IRC is up and running.

Cool! You guys are really making it happen. Had great times in the original Unreal Tournament

This is some very nice progress. Keep it up.

Looks really cool!

It’s happening!

Nice work so far!
Looking forward to future progress!

Any maps I make in UE4 I’ll contribute to this if you need more content!

Great! I also could make map or two. Do you have list of tasks that somebody can pick and just do?

Also is movement speed final or at least at stage when mapper can feel if map size is correct?
UT2004 had very misleading size of player (and its collision) compared to size of maps.

Good work getting an alpha released this quickly, there are quite a few people looking on keenly to see where this project leads :cool:

The only bug i found was an error relating to MSVCR120.dll, some others had the same

This was installed with vc2013 but would not work until i updated windows 7 to service pack 1

I think this is an engine issue rather than specific to your release


So while there haven’t been official announcements yet, there has been strong hinting that this project will get an official blessing of some kind. Does that mean you’ll be able to use Epic IPs such as map names and character likenesses, or can you not comment yet?

What are your stylistic plans for the music in either case? I’d love for a new 'Tournament to give up the generic orchestral stuff in favour of bringing back that unique demoscene vibe.

I’m in charge with musical direction at the moment and I’m very interested in what the community thinks. Any further feedback on musical choice would be greatly appreciated!

I would like to help with this project how would I get in to help?

Add JohnFlerianos on skype.

This is very exciting, gives me that feeling that I felt when I first played UT99. Keep up the good work, watching with eager eyes!

I’m “voting” for some “tracker” music like from original UT99, I think anybody on scene will help you.

I think the old style of tracker music works with UT but I think maybe have the new version made with actual guitars, drums and some synth. Could be cool and not sound so old school.

The above screenshots look nothing like UT. They seem to belong to different games like Xonotic or otherwise other very colorful games.

This project gets discontinued, Epic new Unreal Tournament is all we wanted from Open Tournament, so OT doesnt have a reason to exist now. The OT team and chat will still be there, for discussions and help regarding UE4.

sry if im just stupid but i cant figure out how/where to open the console
help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Victor I have a feeling that you helped push the new UT by forcing the issue with OT. Thanks for your efforts on OT and “see you on the other side”.

Great Textures….love it