Open map freezes in VR due to OpenVR errors

About 90% of the time when I open a map while playing in VR, it freezes for 20-30 seconds before coming back.

The log shows a bunch of OpenVR errors happening when it does this:

28/02 11:48:57.068 {!ERROR!} [Kernel:Error] OVR Error:
  Code: -1015 -- ovrError_InvalidOperation
  Description: WaitToBeginFrame called more frequently than BeginFrame/EndFrame
  OVRTime: 442091.643415
  Time: 2018-02-28 11:48:57 [68:584:100]

28/02 11:48:57.069 {!ERROR!} [Kernel:Error] OVR Error:
  Code: -1015 -- ovrError_InvalidOperation
  Description: BeginFrame called before EndFrame.
  OVRTime: 442091.643908
  Time: 2018-02-28 11:48:57 [69:75:800]

28/02 11:48:57.085 {!ERROR!} [Kernel:Error] OVR Error:
  Code: -1015 -- ovrError_InvalidOperation
  Description: EndFrame called with different frameIndex from BeginFrame.
  OVRTime: 442091.660701
  Time: 2018-02-28 11:48:57 [85:869:800]

That might happen if there were two render threads, I suppose. Oh, and it is VR. Maybe the left/right eyes are on separate threads and they are out of sync somehow. They should be using some kind of thread sync for that tho.

I don’t have any VR experience, I just wanted to put the possibility out there.

I’d check to see if maybe the VR system is getting started up too early somehow. Maybe an actor is running their tick before BeginPlay. Or maybe there’s a way to start the VR system off and then turn it on once you’re sure it is safe.

Again, I’m just throwing ideas. Since you asked this 8 hours ago I figure it can’t hurt.

Another possibility is that the VR and the normal renderer are both running for a little while before the normal one gets turned off.

Hey I’m running into this issue as well, did you ever find a solution?