Open Level while using World Composition with Lighting in Persistent Level

I am using World Composition. My lighting (skylights, etc) is in the persistent level. All other levels get open-world lighting from the persistent. I am implementing a fast travel system. When I Open Level by Name; however, the level opens but there isn’t any lighting. It is pitch black. I believe this has to do with using Open Level while using World Comp. How can I get the lighting to display when a level is opened using Open Level while using world composition?

Open level is like opening a level in the editor, everything is ‘bang’ gone.

I’m not a world composition whiz, but I’d say ‘load stream level’ or ‘load level instance’ would work better for you.

For this to work, you need your lighting level as the persistent, and the level you want to open as a sub level.

Thank you for responding. I tried ‘Load Stream Level’ and ‘Load Level Instance’, neither opens a new level. My lighting is set up in Persistent and the level I want to travel to is a sublevel.

I was under the impression, with world comp, that this should happen automatically as you approach the sublevel:

I am not sure what is happening. I am using World Composition for a large open world. World Composition allows seamless streaming between maps within a sublevel–that works. However, I am now trying to create a Fast Travel System. The Fast Travel System requires you to open a map and choose a location to fast travel. World Composition doesn’t work that way. With World Composition, you get there by running or driving into the area. With Fast Travel, you are transported there. I need both functionalities. I am using 'Open Level by Name’to open a level chosen from the travel map. The problem is when the level opens there is no lighting. The lights are stored in the Persistent Level. The maps are lit properly when streaming with World Composition (when you run or drive into another map/show or hide by distance) However, when you elect to transport there, the lighting in the Persistent doesn’t work when the level is ‘opened’. I am not sure why this is happening. The World Composition Guide doesn’t address this. I am sure I should be able to Open Level and have lighting in the level. Hopefully, someone can guide me on what to do. I would just put lighting in each level, but I have a day/night system that requires the lighting to be persistent.

Yes, it’s the open level call. Like I say, it throws everything away including the world comp setup.

I just had a look around, doesn’t sound promising. Teleporting with world comp doesn’t seem to work.

There’s one thread where someone is successful, but they re-wrote the world comp to do it!.

I don’t know how large your level is. How about using level streaming volumes?

I guess I am going to have to abandon this for now. Seems like Unreal should be able to do this. Thanks for your help though.

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